Recent Timeshare Advice Line Reviews

Take a look through some of the testimonials we have received from clients we have helped in the past. For further information fill in our call back form or call us free today lines are open from 9am – 8pm.

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Recent Timeshare Advice Line Reviews

Take a look through some of the testimonials we have received from clients we have helped in the past. For further information fill in our call back form or call us free today lines are open from 9am – 8pm.


Read Recent Reviews From Our Clients

Our clients expect total peace of mind when looking to exit their timeshare or claim money back, to see what they say about our services, take a look at our most recent testimonials from people we have helped. Clients provide us with reviews at the end of each cancellation and you can read through their responses below.

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“We chose The Timeshare Advice Line because of no upfront charges, no meeting to attend, and we were given the total price to dispose of Timeshare in advance, We no longer used our Timeshare due to change of work commitments and the time of year we originally found OK, also costs had increased with time.”


Phillip & Valerie, East Sussex

Azure Island Residence Club

“We didn’t want to keep our timeshare due to old age, we decided to use The Timeshare Advice Line because they don’t ask for money upfront and they gave me the cheapest quote for the cancellation, cost less than our annual management fees to cancel our timeshare, excellent service would recommend them.”


Steven & Alison

Diamond Resorts Points

“The Timeshare Advice Line did not cold call – I approached them they are registered with Companies House with up to date accounts, took 8 weeks to dispose of my ownership, The service was professional, quick and efficient, certainly would be happy to recommend them to others.”


Moira, Oxfordshire

Canal Time

They were helpful, polite and most efficient. We were told the cost of disposal first so we knew where we stood and had nothing to pay until it was completed. They rang regularly to update us on the progress, Thank you for your very efficient disposal of our points. Also for relieving us of the worry of future years payments for our children.”


John & Belinda, Northampton

Diamond Resorts Points

We didn’t use the timeshare because of old age, we chose them because of no money upfront and their fees were only made payable when we received legal confirmation the timeshare was no longer ours, very good reviews, very good service with good communication and a quick result it only took 5 weeks to cancel our timeshare contract.


Mr & Mrs Chan, Chesterfield

Oasis Lakes

We wanted to relinquish our Marriott Timeshare at Son Antem because of the ongoing liability of the annual maintenance costs which we believed did not represent value for money. Your no-nonsense approach to dealing with the disposal was refreshing when compared to the high-pressure techniques of other operators. The whole process was a pleasure.


Mike, Leicester

Marriott's Vacation Club

“We never used it, no availability, rising maintenance fees, We chose the Timeshare Advice Line as they don´t charge upfront fees, Rachel was very helpful right from the start, Only took one month to cancel our timeshare, Would definitely recommend.”


Claire, South Yorkshire

Marina Palace

We wanted to cancel our contract at Westgate Towers as we found it to expensive to travel and increasing maintenance costs were to high for us, Timeshare Advice Line were helpful in giving good advice and everything went smoothly, Charge was low and advice was good.


Pravin, London

Westgate Towers

“We no longer required our timeshare and found the Timeshare Advice Line off the back of a recommendation, You dealt with the disposal very efficiently.


Mr & Mrs Davies

Marriott´s Vacation Club

“Fees not made payable until disposal is complete, only took two months to dispose of timeshare, didn’t want to leave to family, staff were very efficient and very much on the ball, certainly highly would recommend them to any timeshare owner.”


John, Berkshire

Orange Lake, Florida

Wanted to cancel timeshare due to change in circumstances, Only took 4 weeks to cancel our timeshare, Placed an enquiry as the website appeared to be the only stating advice and the follow up was positive with regard to fees.


Andrew & Janet Plymouth

Westgate Lakes, Florida

“We no longer used timeshare due to change of work commitments and the time of year we originally found OK , Chosen because no upfront charges, no meeting to attend and given total price to dispose of timeshare, Excellent service,fast and efficient cancellation process with staff that kept us informed at all times. We are very grateful and thankfully we can now move on.”


Phillip & Maureen

Diamond Resorts Points

After being with Diamond Resorts for over twenty years, we decided that it was getting too expensive to remain members, so we looked into ways that we could leave in the easiest and cheapest way possible. Diamond Resorts wanted extortionate amounts of money from us to get out of our contract, they went to extraordinary lengths to try and stop us from leaving them, we tried few quite a few months to distance ourselves from Diamond, we were stuck, or so it seemed. I was browsing the internet for days on end but to no avail, when on one session of browsing, I came across “The Timeshare Advice Line”, Their promises seemed a bit too good to be true, Leave within weeks, pay no money up front. So I thought nothing ventured, nothing gained. I rang the phone number supplied and told them my story, and that is when I first spoke to Steve, straight away he put me completely at ease, I listened to what he had to say and although not completely convinced at first, I thought that as I am not being asked for any money up front like most of these companies, why not, as if it didn’t work out, no money would change hands. I agreed to proceed and after I signed the contract (still making sure that no money was required up front) I was kept up to date with regular calls from Steve. Within weeks I received a notification from Diamond Resorts, that they were terminating my contract forthwith, Timeshare Advice had assured me that I would not lose any booked holidays after termination, and they were as good as their word. Of course we were very happy with the work they had done in getting us out of a situation we no longer wanted to be in, and at a lot less cheaper than Diamond were asking to release us from our contract. I would not hesitate to recommend The Timeshare Advice Line if anyone wanted to get out of a Timeshare contract, I have recommended them to a few people now, and will continue. Thanks once again Steve.


John, Lancashire

Diamond Resorts Points

“If you need they can and will do it for you, Peace Of Mind, Chosen because of no upfront fees, Prefer other destinations without being tied to maintenance fees, 5 Star.”


Robert & Marcella

Elite Fuerteventura Club

Only took 2 weeks to dispose of timeshare, Chosen because of good advice over the telephone and prompt, Also superb follow up service and cost was cheaper than competitors, First class service.

Lyndon & Joan, Surrey

Torrent Bay Ibiza

“Saw an advert online and read the previous reviews, We wanted to get rid of the timeshare as we are getting old, Only took about 3 weeks to cancel the timeshare, Would recommend their service to anyone.”


David, South Devon


I was not using the timeshare and was paying maintenance fees every year which were going up and up, Felt it was a waste of money, Timeshare Advice Line makes you feel very at ease, they are efficient, keep you updated all the time with the process also they work very fast to achieve their goal they don´t let you down.”


Sonia, South London

Hollywood Mirage

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