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The Timeshare Advice Line believes in making cancelling timeshare simple for all our clients. To get an instant quote fill in our form and get a straightforward answer today.

As a company we offer the following reassurances 


  • UK Registered Company
  • Full Legal Confirmation First
  • Only Pay After The Service Is Complete
  • Affordable Realistic Pricing
  • All Inclusive Pricing
  • No Sales Meetings
  • Fast Efficient Service
  • Straightforward Answers

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Happy Customers

"We decided to use Timeshare Advice Line because they don’t ask for money upfront and they gave me the cheapest quote for the cancellation, don’t use due to old age, cost less than annual management fees to cancel, excellent service would recommend them"



”Chosen because of no money upfront, Very helpful and approachable staff, Maintenance Fees becoming too burdensome, No longer go overseas for holidays, Excellent service, I certainly will recommend to others.”


Mrs G  Hollywood Mirage

”Chosen because felt they could be trusted, No longer used due to old age and rising maintenance fees, Excellent service, Would definitely recommend, Absolutely excellent service.”


Mr and Mrs Y  Diamond Resorts Points

“We decided to use Timeshare Advice Line because they don’t ask for money upfront and they gave me the cheapest quote for the cancellation, don’t use due to old age, cost less than annual management fees to cancel, excellent service would recommend them"


Mr and Mrs L  Diamond Resorts Points

“Chosen because of no money upfront fees and only made payable when we received legal confirmation timeshare was no longer ours, Very Good reviews, Very good service with good communication and a quick result, didn’t use due to old age, 5 weeks to cancel our contract, Yes would recommend.”


Mr & Mrs C  Oasis Lakes, Florida

”Fees not made payable until disposal is complete, only took two months to dispose of timeshare, didn’t want to leave to family, staff were very efficient and very much on the ball, certainly would recommend to others.”


Mr and Mrs B  Orange Lake, Florida

”If you need they can and will do it for you, Peace Of Mind, Chosen because of no upfront fees, Prefer other destinations without being tied to maintenance fees, 5 Star.”


Mr and Mrs R  Elite Fuerteventura Club

“No upfront charges, they gave a fixed price which was fair, and did not make an unreal promise, which we had encountered before with other companies, we found them and was not cold-called resort confirmation was received as promised, most definitely will recommend, trustworthy and great service.”

Mr and Mrs H  Diamond Resorts, USA

"Chosen  because I found them and was not bombarded with cold calls/ emails promising magical results and then asking for upfront fees, Increasing management fees and bored of going to the same places, 6 weeks to cancel timeshare, Have already recommended to others."


Mr and Mrs M  Diamond Resorts Points

"The Timeshare Advice Line did not cold call – I approached them they are registered with Companies House with up to date accounts, took 8 weeks to dispose of my ownership, The service was professional, quick and efficient, certainly would be happy to recommend them to others."


Mrs G  Canal Time

Frequently Asked Questions...

What guarantees do I have?

It’s simple,  you will only be taken on as a client if we are certain that we can be of assistance to you and guarantee never to ask you for a penny until the job is done. This means your cancellation is risk-free and should give you total peace of mind. To find out if we can help you contact us today. Click here.

Are you a registered company?
Yes. The Timeshare Advice Line was formed in 2015. The Timeshare Advice Line Ltd is a registered company in England and Wales. UK company registration number 09923793. To view all our legal company information click here.
Why no upfront fees?
You need to have peace of mind during the cancellation of your timeshare contract. Many owners have had bad experiences and we want you to feel safe during your timeshare cancellation. Most disposals are completed within 6 – 8 weeks and we absorb the ongoing cost of the cancellation and take payment only when you are timeshare free. Click here to contact us today.
What timeshares can you deal with?
We can deal with any timeshare resort or points company. However, each owner’s situation is different and you just need to complete an assessment to establish exactly what your situation is and identify what could be done to dispose of your ownership. We will only take you on as a client if we are certain we can be of assistance to you. To find out more contact us today. Click here.
Is My Privacy Protected?
As a legally registered UK company, we have certain obligations with regards to the information you give to us such as your contact details.  We will never sell or pass on your information to anyone outside of our organisation to ensure that your privacy is protected. To see our privacy policy click here.
What's the cost?
We never charge upfront fees. Our pricing starts from £999 all inclusive and you have no hidden extras or nasty surprises. We have consistently found our pricing to be the most competitive in the market – Hence our price match promise. In some cases, we can cancel your timeshare for less than you would pay in annual fees. Contact us today to find out.
How Long Does It Take?
On average our timeshare cancellations take around 6 to 8 weeks. In some cases it can be done quicker and in some cases it can take a little longer depending on the resort and your situation. Click here to contact us today.
Do I have to attend a meeting?
No! There is no need for you to attend any sort of meeting. If a company insists you go to a meeting you will usually find high-pressure sales tactics are used. One of these tactics is to throw a lot of attractive figures at you to lure you into handing large upfront fees – Before any work has started and certainly not completed.  Best avoided. Click here to find out more
Can I sell my timeshare?
Unfortunately not. The Timeshare resale market collapsed some years ago now rising fees and perpetuity contracts have made the sale of second-hand timeshare weeks nigh on impossible. You can often book a week at a timeshare resort online cheaper than owner’s pay in maintenance fees. Click here to find out more.