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Contact us today to find out if you could be one of thousands of timeshare owners who are legally entitled to claim their money back. Speak to one of our claims advisers today to find out exactly how much you could be owed.

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Contact us today to find out if you could be one of thousands of timeshare owners who are legally entitled to claim their money back. Speak to one of our claims advisers today to find out exactly how much you could be owed.

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Do You Qualify To Claim?

Do You Qualify?

If you can answer yes to of the following questions below chances are you are legally entitled to claim your money back


Buy A Spanish Timeshare After 1999?

A growing number of timeshare contracts signed in Spain are being declared ‘Null and Void’ with all payments returned.


Did You Pay A Deposit On The Day?

Timeshare companies should not be taking any form of deposit on the day of purchase, if they did you may have a claim for compensation.


Lack Of Availability At Your Timeshare?

If you are simply unable to ever book a holiday due to a lack of availability it is worth investigating if you have a mis-sold timeshare contract.


Sold Timeshare As An Investment?

If your timeshare was sold to you on the understanding that it would go up in value you could have a claim as this is not legal.


Were You Mis-Sold At Point Of Sale?

If you were told something that was not true and influenced your decision to sign the contract you could have a case of misrepresentation.


Are You Stuck In Perpetuity?

Perpetuity contracts are no longer legal to issue within Europe, and have been illegal in Spain since 1999. You could be entitled to claim.


About Timeshare Claims

If you think you have been mis-sold your timeshare ownership we can advise you if you have a genuine grounds to have your timeshare contract legally cancelled and claim your money back. Our expert team work hand in hand with SRA regulated law firms who specialise in timeshare matters.

We are able to look into claims of misrepresentation plus those contracts that fall foul of Spanish timeshare regulations. Our advisers will quickly be able to inform you if you have a viable claim and explain the full legal process and funding options available to you.

All claims are taken forward only on a no win no fee or fixed fee basis. If you think you could have grounds for a claim or to find out more contact us today..

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Most Affected Resorts

Whilst we can potentially look into a claim against any timeshare resort there are certain companies for whom we receive more enquiries than others. There are also a number of resorts who have had a larger number of claims upheld against them than others.

Below is a list of some the most common claims we deal with.


Heritage Resorts Timeshare

The Anfi Group Timeshare

Club La Costa World (CLC) Timeshare

Azure Island Residence Timeshare


Diamond Resorts International Timeshare

Silverpoint / Resort Properties Timeshare

Marriott´s Vacation Club Timeshare

Fairways / Pueblo Evita Timeshare


Heritage Resorts

The Anfi Group Time

Club La Costa World (CLC) 

Azure Island Residence 

Diamond Resorts International 

Silverpoint / Resort Properties

Marriott´s Vacation Club 

Fairways / Pueblo Evita 

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0114 463 0002

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