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Whilst the majority of timeshare owners that contact us are simply looking to cancel their timeshare contracts we also encounter owners whom have a genuine claim for compensation. If you think you have been mis-sold timeshare or have a Spanish timeshare contact us today.
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If you think you have been mis-sold your timeshare ownership we can advise you iof you have a genuine grounds to have your timeshare contract legally cancelled and claim your money back. Our expert team work hand in with SRA regulted law firms who specialise in timeshare matters. 

We are able to look into claims of misrepresentation plus those contracts that fall foul of Spanish timeshare regulations.Our advisers will quickly be able to inform you if you have a viable claim and explain the full legal process and funding options available to you. All claims are taken forward only on a no win no fee or fixed fee basis

If you think you could have grounds for a claim or to find out more contact us today.

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Were you mis-sold at point of sale?
Did you pay a deposit on the day?
Buy a Spanish timeshare after 1999?
Are you stuck in a perpetuity contract?
Sold timeshare as an investment?

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I know if I have a claim?
We will initially speak to you about your situation if we feel you have the potential for a claim we will send you an assessment survey to complete and request copies of your paperwork.  The lawyers will look at your information and then contact you directly with your options. Click here to find out more.
My payments are not up to date, can I still make a claim?
If you have fallen behind on the payments for your timeshare you may still be eligible to make a claim.  Each owners situation is different and we would need to speak to you directly to establish what could be done to help you reclaim.  In this situation it is important to act quickly, the longer you leave things the less chance there will be of you being able to make a successful claim.
I have a Spanish timeshare are these now illegal?
Recent Spanish Supreme Court rulings have stated that timeshare contracts signed in Spain after the 7th of January 1999 should not run for more than 50 years plus must be affixed to set week and unit number, plus other terms.  This means that many owners now have the option to apply to the Spanish courts to have their timeshare contracts declared null and void and have all monies paid returned to them.  This is a lengthy process due to the backlog of cases in the court system but is a real option for those who qualify.  Our lawyers have obtained litigation funding to pursue such cases, so please contact us today if you feel you could be affected.
Is My Privacy Protected?
As a legally registered UK company, we have certain obligations with regards to the information you give to us such as your contact details.  We will never sell or pass on your information to anyone outside of our organisation to ensure that your privacy is protected. To see our privacy policy click here.
What's the cost?
This will vary dependant on the type of claim and the process to be followed.  The lawyers we work with share our company ethos and do not charge large upfront fees to proceed.  After reviewing your case they take claims forward on both no win no fee and a fixed fee basis.  They would discuss this in a free telephone consultation prior to you instructing them to start work. Click here to contact us today.
How long does the claims process take?
This varies depending on the type of claim you have and what jurisdiction it falls under.  We will submit your case to the lawyers for a free review, after this is completed they will be able to advise you of the strength of your claim and how long they would expect it to take.
I no longer have my timeshare, can I still make a claim?
Possibly, we would need to know the full details of your situation to let you know if you are still entitled to pursue a claim.  It is best to act quickly as certain types of claim do have time limits.
How much compensation should I expect to receive?
Each case is different. In summary, the more you have paid into your timeshare purchase the higher your claim amount will be. The lawyers will be aiming to stop all future payments and to recover all monies paid.
Do I have to attend a meeting?
No, We complete your initial assessment either online or over the phone.  We have found that when a company insists you visit their offices to meet with their experts often this becomes a hardcore sales presentation in which they persuade you to hand over large sums of cash to start the process.  Often these meetings are advertised as no win no fee, but that is not the case when you arrive!