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Mr D and Mrs M were relieved this week to receive notification that they no longer owned their timeshare at Westgate Lakes.

“We chose the Timeshare Advice Line because of no upfront fees, we are delighted that full legal confirmation was received before any payment was due we can now get the holidays we want thank you Timeshare Advice Line”

Mr D contacted us after a period of illness had resulted in his redundancy from work. The subsequent reduction in income meant that finding the $1130 per year management fee charge was had become a problem. When adding up the cost of the timeshare plus the additional funds needs to cover flights to America and spending money Mr D realised that owning a timeshare was no longer viable.

Luckily our conveyancing specialist was able to help. Not only has he disposed of the timeshare week, but was able to do so without 2017 maintenance fees being paid. This saved the client around a thousand pounds that would otherwise have needed to be paid. Great news all round!

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